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Allow Higher FOV on GTA Online

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Recently Rockstar Games came under fire for banning users of the FOV mod on the highly anticipated GTA V Online for PC.

Today I am calling on Rockstar Games to rather:

* Dedicate servers for those wanting to use a higher FOV.

* Implement an update that allows higher FOV that is available for everyone.

Many online players believe the FOV is way too low. Especially myself who uses a multiple monitor setup. When I first was greeted with the vast amount of settings that Rockstar provided, I was pretty impressed with how many you could customize to your liking. Rockstar stated that in single player the mod is perfectly allowed to use but in online it’s not, in my opinion that is unfair because when you max out the FOV slide it doesn't provide you with an adequate viewing distance., in my opinion a person’s face shouldn't be up against a steering wheel and a gun shouldn't be that close to a person face, having the FOV slider on max should give you a better field of view not just a tiny nudge and I don’t see how this is an unfair advantage for other players.

The second thing I’d like to talk about is the dedicated servers, dedicated not as in a person hosting their own server but matchmaking players with other players who have a similar FOV settings just like how Rockstar match make players with other players who use the auto aim settings with their controllers. So if the FOV had a counter on it lets say from 1 - 10, players that use the FOV counter from 1-3 should be in one lobby then players that use it from 4 - 7 in one lobby and then players from 8 - 10 in their lobby. If Rockstar could implement these setting then the game would feel much more immersive not that it isn't. This would mean there are no unfair advantages when it comes to playing online.


GTA 5 is a masterpiece when it comes to PC gaming compared to its previous game GTA IV.

I would like to thank all gamers who support this and similar causes.

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