Protect Elem. Children From Complex Issues of Human Sexuality In New RUSD HHS Curriculum

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The FAIR act mandates that instruction include diverse groups and their accomplishments in history, including LGBTQ+ persons. We understand this requirement.The FAIR Act also explicitly gives districts and teachers broad discretion to decide when, how, and how often these topics are included. 

The Studies Weekly Curriculum being considered by Rocklin Unified School District (RUSD) includes pointed references to the sexuality of gay, lesbian, and transgender historical figures to children as young as seven years old. This is too much, too soon as it initiates and accelerates conversations on human sexuality for which many small children may not be developmentally prepared. The discussion of a persons’ sexual orientation and gender identity to a child that does not see the world through a sexual lens is confusing and that lens should not be forced upon him or her prematurely. Let children be children. 

Constitutionally, parents have the primary right and obligation to educate their children, especially concerning these controversial and sensitive topics related to human sexuality and relationships, in a time and manner most appropriate for each child. The district should respect the cultural and religious values of all RUSD families and not coercively impose controversial ideas about culturally sensitive topics like human sexuality on our children. We strongly urge RUSD to exercise its discretion in a manner that reflects the values of tolerance, diversity, and inclusion of all RUSD families and children.

The following parents of Rocklin irrefutably claim our rights to our children and petition the RUSD School Board for the following: 

·      Delay the adoption of Studies Weekly for grades K-5.

To see curriculum examples please email:

·      Pilot “Teacher Created Materials” - a Social Studies Curriculum that complies with the FAIR Act by including LGBTQ historical figures without prematurely forcing complex issues of human sexuality on young children.  This program has been implemented in the following districts: Los Alamitos USD, Merced  USD, Columbia Union SD, Williams SD, Summerville SD, San Rafael USD, Selma USD, Rosedale USD, Firebaugh USD, Santa Ana USD, Vista USD, Alpaugh USD, and Saucelito USD. 
·      Provide a broad parental opt-out policy for allstudents K-12 regarding controversial and sensitive topics including those involving human sexuality.

We love our Rocklin schools and implore the RUSD School Board to perform their duties and honor parents as the first teachers of their children. 

The following parents of Rocklin are prepared to conduct a sit-out to make our voices heard.