Make Recycling Bins Accessible in Public Areas

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Have you ever been to a train station and was able to place your recyclables into a recycling bin?

Or have you decided to take the family to a local duck pond to enjoy a day outside, and was able to place your recycling in a recycle bin?

I don't know about you, but I haven't.

As we move forward into an age of evironmental consciousnes, we are all being urged to take steps to decrease our impact on the Earth.

We are urged to put our rubbish in the bin as it's detrimental to our wildlife, but wouldn't it be more environmentally friendly to recycle what we can to try and avoid the rubbish making its way back into landfill and the oceans? 

Lets make our voicies heard and bring change!

Say yes to public recycling bins!

Say yes to the safety of the environment!

Say yes to a greener future!