Allow Sha Na Na to hotdog into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

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Put simply: Dip Didda Dip Dow! What more CAN be said to prove how necessary it is to induct Sha Na Na into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame? Oh, Golly... maybe a song they wrote CALLED Rock and Roll hall of fame
(A quick glance down to the comment section will demonstrate that band members have been proud patrons of the fine establishment they so deserve to join)

Sure, you might think of this music as a 'little something for daddy' these days, but that's because these guys have been killing themselves at this rock game for going on 50 years! Are you looking for some other poems and observations, humorous and otherwise, to prove these cool cats mettle? How about you tune into American Film Institute cataloged film, Grease, and tell me you toe isn't a tappin'! (specifically during the Hand Jive). These guys have basically been trainers to the stars of rock, and have been seeking the stars of recognition!

Sha na na deserve their good name-
be in the rock and roll hall of fame-
of seven now formed-
at Woodstock they performed-
For Rock and rolls popularity they are certainly to blame.