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Evict Aktar Mahammod of 11 Letchworth Avenue Rochdale

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Petition: Evict Akhtar Mahmood of 11 Letchworth Avenue

Dear residents of Letchworth Avenue, I kindly request and plead with you all to sign this petition.

Akhtar Mahmood, on 15th February 2017 at around 09:00, threatened and verbally abused my family as well as the Care Workers who see to my father that has had a stroke, is immobile, and has dementia. At 09:05, he was seen causing criminal damage to my 26-year-old son, Aves’ car and was caught on CCTV. Akhtar was taken to Court but, unfortunately, was not convicted. My son’s car, that he purchased with his hard earned money, is still damaged; the cost of the damages is £975. Akhtar has repeatedly lied, yet he seems to always get away with it.

Ever since I have left for Saudi Arabia, Akhtar has begun to harass my family again by making false allegations against them. First he complained about by van being parked on the street, despite the fact it was being sold that same week. Akhtar then made claims to the Social Services about my family, which, after much investigation and to his disappointment, were proved false. When that proved futile, he attempted to accuse my family for making noise, which resulted in an armed Police Officer bringing a dog to my premises at 4 o’clock in the morning; I am sure you must have all been aware of and disturbed by this. My daughter that sleeps downstairs to take care of my 85-year-old, immobile father, had to attend to this Officer at such a ridiculous time. My father was deeply frightened and disturbed by this instance. My wife was in tears. The Police soon realized that this was a ‘Malicious Complaint’ by a neighbor, and closed the matter there; again, much to the disappointment of Akhtar Mahmood.

He threatened my 19-year-old son, Haider, whilst he was on the way back from work, at around 3:00 pm, in this exact street, stating: “I am going to kill your brother (meaning my eldest son, Aves), then I am going to kill you and the rest of your family after.” This has been recorded by the Greater Manchester Police as a ‘Threat to Kill.’ Straight after, Akhtar went to collect his child from Deeplish Primary Academy, where, on the school ground, he threatened my wife, Noreen, in Punjabi, which translates to: “Save your children if you can.” Noreen was in a severe state after this. She went straight to the School Office shaking and in tears, explaining to them what had just occurred. Ever since this threat, Noreen has been deeply worried for the safety of our children, as she is aware of Akhtar Mahmood’s aggressive behavior as well as his Criminal Record and previous convictions. Noreen, who looks after 11 children as well as my immobile father with dementia, cannot sleep at night ever since these threats; she is constantly frightened and worried when our children leave the house, waiting anxiously for them to return home safe, without coming under any sort of harm from Akhtar Mahmood. My wife has become depressed and ill because of this man. He is a great danger to my wife, 85-year-old father and children.

This was not the first instance in which Akhtar Mahmood threatened my family. He has previously threatened my 11-year-old, Imam, that he would break off his fingers. Not only this, but he has also frightened my poor 9-year-old, Ruqayya, to run her over whilst he was in his car and she was playing in the street. She has stopped playing in the street ever since that threat was made. Returning back to the recent series of events, then, my children now leave the house to go to work and school with their phones on record mode in case Akhtar Mahmood attempts to harm or threaten them. They are constantly living in a state of fear and anxiety. Their father and protector is not with them; Akhtar Mahmood has taken advantage of this, since all of these complaints, accusations and threats were made only after I had the left the country. The fact that Akhtar Mahmood has, to the disgust of many, verbally abused, threatened, and made life a misery for an alone woman that is singly taking care of her 11 children as well as her immobile father-in-law, displays clearly the sort of man he is.

Furthermore, my eldest son, Aves, is unable to stay at the library until late in order to complete his University work, since he is studying for a PhD; due to the threats Akhtar Mahmood had made towards my family as well as the fact that the man is constantly stood outside his house intimidating my children, my son feels threatened, afraid and unsafe coming home at late hours. Thus, not only are my children’s emotional and mental state being severely affected by this man, but his actions are now having a profound affect on their education.

Rochdale Borough Housing, the local MP Tony, the Local Council and Rochdale Council are all aware of Akhtar Mahmood’s aggressive, violent, anti-social and threatening behavior. He has had many convictions in the past and has also previously been evicted from another area.

My family has been living at 14 Letchworth Avenue for over 22 years now. They have never had a problem with anybody. My family has done nothing but mind their own business, without intending harm upon anyone, yet they are now compelled to live in a constant state of fear. Akhtar Mahmood has caused my family many troubles ever since I have left for Saudi Arabia. I, too, along with my wife and children, fear for the safety of my family. Akhtar Mahmood is a danger to my whole family. This aggressive, violent, anti-social, criminal man needs to be evicted from this street, not only for the safety of my family, but for the safety of all the residents of Letchworth Avenue.

Please allow my family to lead a normal life again, without living in a constant state of fear, depression, and anxiety. Please residents, I kindly request and plead for your help. Please sign this petition in order to evict a threatening criminal from Letchworth Avenue.

In this day and age, where the truth has no value or meaning, please allow the truth to prevail. Thank you.

Thank you for all of your kind help, support and co-operation.

Yours sincerely,

Dr Mohammed Salim
14 Letchworth Avenue rochdale 

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