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Feature every level, No matter the quality

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For years only famous creators have been the ones to gain Creator points, People like viprin have been uploading collabs and megacollabs only to gain CP and stay at the top of the leaderboards. With the introduction of epic levels in geometry dash this makes it much easier for creators to gain more CP than ever before

This has to change, This petition aims to catch the attention of robtop and viprin. We want to work with robtop, Featuring every level we can find, So no creator goes unnoticed.

This petition also urges viprin, And other users with lots of creator points to donate CP to young creators, Players, and geometry dashers all around. Depression caused from lack of CP is the #1 cause of suicide in the GD community. Our goal is to change this.

If you care about geometry dash, Or the lives of millions of unnoticed creators. We urge you to sign this petition, Because we believe that Every level deserves a feature

Today: the is counting on you

the devon needs your help with “Robtopgames: Feature every level, No matter the quality”. Join the and 391 supporters today.