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Unban Decabox from ROBLOX

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Decabox is a roblox game developer who heavily enjoyed and inspired others to make games, create communities and helped others in general become better than their current self. Decabox has a passion to develop games and had numerous projects being developed for the communiry to enjoy. He had the most positive attitude in the roblox developer community and roblox community and had never done anything wrong. Recently he had been terminated with no warnings nor any proof given to him on his termination on roblox. This has devistated many people. From youtubers to friends to even regular roblox users, many are furious at roblox on how they do not provide any evidence to Decabox on why he was terminated. Therefore I had made a petition to get Decabox unbanned from the roblox platform to release and make more projects in the future for all of us. 

Another thing is now we have other roblox users stealing his games and uploading them for their personal gains. I hope roblox reconsiders as we all care about him.

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