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Shutting down Thirlcrest Academy

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The Thirlcrest Academy community is a high school roleplay game on ROBLOX. From the outside, it is an innocent looking game, but in reality, it is a game that harbors minors who perform erotic activity with each other. Many things could be done. An FBI report was recently filed in the arrest of one of the members for possession of child pornography.

These are only one of the many scenarios in which minors, as young as about 10 years old, perform these acts with one another. This community harbors these children and the community takes no action in stopping these acts. They do not pressure the community, nor make announcements to convince people to prevent the activity from happening. No shouts have been made on the community's group page either, and only recently were sex roleplays banned from the community. 

I do not believe that the members of Thirlcrest, such as the owners or administrators, should be banned. However, I believe the group itself should be shut down by ROBLOX administrators in an attempt to break communications between predators, minors, and any other illegal activity that happens in the community. Of course, this community isn't probably the only one that has this type of activity going on within the people, but it is possible with the shut down we could set an example for other groups to stop these acts and set an example for ROBLOX moderation as well.


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