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Impeach Versev from Ownership of Frappe®

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This is a petition created by Second_Sun (Roblox) in the cause of removing Versev, formally AkaClearly from power.

I have started this movement for a multitude of reasons.

Versev, otherwise known as AkaClearly, is a chronic scammer and liar here on Roblox. Versev phishes and scams users on a regular basis for their groups and limited items. On top of this, since Versev has been given the group and put into the Chairman position, the activity from HRs and other staff have been incredibly low, far lower than Unforgettable_Holder, or IMysticLogic's ownership of the group.
Since Versev has been made the owner of the group, he has ruined several rolesets and changed the game icons to resemble those of the original Frappe group, completely destroying the group's purpose of trying to stand out from Cryogenix's "Frappé®" and violating copyright laws in the process as well.
Not only has Versev scammed the group from IMysticLogic and shown little care towards being active in the group, he fired every previous HR and MR, whom of which were indeed making an effort to support the group and be active on a daily basis, INCLUDING MYSELF. The people listed below are the only HRs still in power, all of which have been inactive and doing nothing for the group.

Screen_Protector (Chief Staff Officer)
HeyFuzzy (Group Manager)
gumqie (Group Manager)
TB_Ro0KD8EK4j (Group Manager) (Alt Account)
Flitzerax (Vice-Chairman)

Note that Flitzerax, or GFX_Design, has been Co-Chairman of the group in the past, and was *fired* for being rude to customers and staff and being incredibly inactive. AkaClearly (Versev) has also worked for the group before as Chairman, and was, similarly, fired for inactivity and scamming.
We have already attempted to contact Roblox customer support and reported Versev several times, but after a long 2 weeks of fighting, sending proof, writing formal messages to personal staff members and protesting, Roblox has decided that they cannot retrieve the group for us, for whatever reason (all proof requested was sent as well as extra evidence from IMysticLogic proving that Unforgettable_Holder is his account and was the owner of the group previously).

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