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Anthro, in other words, R30, has been a pretty big and controversial topic to talk about, because the majority disagree with it. Roblox kept and is still continuing on adding the project into the game/platform, which made a lot of users mad and worried, because they don't want a blocky game to evolve into a human-like game.


There have been many leaks popping up throughout the past year, in fact ever since June of 2017. Around 90% of the entire community disagrees with the update and doesn't want it added, but Roblox still continues pushing the update and forcing it.

Of course, if it's something that you can choose whether if you want to use it or not, it's still a problem because a lot of the games won't allow R6, instead they will allow R30 and R15. Roblox is meant to be a blocky game, a simple, fun but weird game, and Roblox are taking it to another level with their updates. This petition may not do much and Roblox administrators/moderators may not listen, we still don't want it added.

If any staff member is listening to this, please just do something about it. This could ruin your economy and the platform as we know it.