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ROBLOX: Stop the anthro update

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This petition is towards the game ROBLOX.

The R30 Update (Also known as the Anthro update) is an up coming update that resembles a more human-like avatar. This should be stopped because of the 2 following reasons:

This update destroys the "ROBLOX" feel.

It favors Online Daters alot.

If this update pulls though, the game will see more Online Daters than it has ever seen. And maybe, just maybe, start slowly becoming into an Online Dating game.

If this goes though, everyone but Online Daters will be negatively affected. (As i stated, Online daters will be incredibly favored.)

The more Online Daters, the more the mainstream media will bash ROBLOX.

If you want ROBLOX to have a higher chance to push though 2017 without dying, You should sign this right now.

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