Make "Discord" not hashtagged on ROBLOX.

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On ROBLOX, Discord is a very big part of the game. Users chat with each other, and many groups have a discord server for customers to talk to staff, ask questions, etc. 

This is funny because many ROBLOX staff are on the ROBLOX discord. Plus, Discord is just a chat, but it is a 3rd party website. 

Discord may be hash tagged because young audiences might see swearing, offensive things, etc. but many discord servers do have a no cussing rule. Plus, Discord's TOS says that you must be 13 and above to have discord, so there's no reason for Discord to be hash tagged. 

Please tell your friends, pets, families, and stuffed animals to sign this petition!

We can't have discord be: #######. Look around, everyone's trying to write discord different ways. Even though you might not use Discord, many ROBLOXians use it, and it's a big part of communication and groups. 


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