End Hashtags in Roblox

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  In Roblox we as players can't play a simple game without tags being in the chat. We can't say anything without it being tags, numbers, words. In other languages we can't even say things like "how are you". Putting an end to tag would make a better place for people to play with their friends without trying to find a way to say something simple like "Hello". Yes, people are going to be trolls and say stuff but not if Roblox puts a mute button in games so you can mute trolls, so you don't see the bad words.

  People often make fun of Roblox because of the use of to much child potation. A lot of people playing Roblox are 15+ now and are use to bad words and other stuff. We learn bad words as we grow up anyways, we all know them.

Please help put an end to the uses of tags in Roblox. Make the meaning of hashtags as a meaning of numbers and not bad words like it was meant for.