End Experimental Mode Restrictions In ROBLOX

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     On the day I wrote this, I found out that ROBLOX decided to greatly restrict games on "Experimental mode", an unpredictable stage in games where things operate differently then normal, to ages under thirteen, and friends of the game creator.

     When I heard this, I wasn't too affected, but later, I went on ROBLOX, to my group, a military group based on a faction from a video game I play. It had just started growing, getting bigger, functioning like a real group, when this massive problem had occurred. People couldn't join my group game, because it was on experimental mode.

     After I figured this out, I simply just turned experimental mode off. Easy, right? Yeah, no, turns out all the "tech" my group had, basically vehicles, and guns, all fail. After figuring this out, I immediately changed it back, but people reported it again and again, later, I learned that other groups were having the same problem, massive groups, with thousands of members, being deserted, and communities being crushed,

     Along with this, people just like me, and people who have spent, I'm not kidding, their lives, on these groups, dedicating so much time to them, they're activity plummets, and they 're forced to shut down. It's sad, that ROBLOX would gloss over this little detail, and in my opinion, it should be changed back.

     However, I can't change it alone, I encourage all of you to go to the forums, discords, games, with #Savethecommunity. Don't let the communities dissolve, don't let people's lives tumble, and don't make these massive groups grind to a halt. Thank you, and please, help tell ROBLOX, what they did, was wrong.