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Save Roblox's Off Topic Subforum

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Hello! I would like to thank you for taking the time to click on this petition. My name is Clare, and I've been on the site,, since 2009. (I would prefer not to disclose my Roblox username given The Roblox Corporation may delete my account for this.) In 2011 I found the roblox forums and instantly was drawn to it because of its extremely active and outlandish community. Off Topic was the subforum of my choosing and I've posted consecutively there ever since. When we were given the news that on July 27th, 2017 Off Topic would be removed, along with any threads connected to it, I knew I had to put up some sort of a fight to save it. To me, Off Topic isn't just a subforum, it was a sanctuary for me. It didn't matter what I was going through off of the internet, Off Topic was stable and consistent. I'm happy to say while I was in Middle School, every day after school I would go there and post for hours. There were hundreds of users on it just like me who went to it to as an escape and to meet and gain new friends. We all felt accepted. The sense of community was and still is immense, and I'm proud to say I'm still in contact with many of the friends I gained there to this day. They too wanted this petition made.

Off Topic, however, has been under fire in recent years given older users leaving and breaking-off into their own social groups through programs such as Discord. I am even guilty of this, but this isn't me just asking to keep the subforum for some sort of nostalgia, it needs to stay for the more active, younger users who use it today. If the subforum was taken from me, I wouldn't know where I would be today. I cannot imagine the opinions, views on life, social groups, morals, and values I would have because Off Topic gave me multiple people and perspectives that constantly challenged my pre-conceived thoughts and ideas.

It's easy to say move to another forum but it's not that easy nor would it be the same. Roblox has unique avatar customization and place creation that goes in conjunction to fads and popular running jokes. Not to mention with avatar customization, we created personas and characters that would reflect our ideas and who we wanted to be. Many popular "OT'ers" have signature styles and characters that are known by even the younger users who they strive to be or look up to.

My personal opinions aside, Roblox needs to have some sort of forum that does not strictly relate to just Roblox. Users would be banned for even the slightest straying away from the game. Not to mention, we even have deep connections to some of the moderators on the forums. Some of the current moderators used to be regular users on Off Topic! Considering the large size decrease on the amount of subforums, some moderators may even lose their jobs.

The Roblox Corporation is known for not listening to users unless money is involved, so we are even bringing money into the equation as well. We suggest if you want to help us on our task of trying to preserve Off Topic, to cut off Builders Club memberships and to stop purchasing robux, the virtual currency on Roblox. The same users who wanted this petition made as much as I, are also cutting-off memberships and have halted their purchasing of robux.

Thank you for taking the time to read this petition, I know this is a very small issue compared to some of the larger, more personal petitions on, but please consider giving us your support.

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