Fix ROBLOX' server list from being friends only

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ROBLOX recently introduced a change to their serverlist to only show servers with only friends.

The community is not really receiving this update well - several people within the community have already stressed their voice, there are threads on the public forums with hundreds of replies within an hour of the launch of the update/change. (Such as

There have also been developers on the devforum stressing their concerns on this update.


Why is this update bad?

In clans for example or RP groups this is a major drawback for playing games because clan events for example will be nutoriously be hard to organise. And much more...


Does this fix the "PM botting"?

Not really, I heard there were bypasses already for this (unconfirmed).


What is a fix?

Make it an optional option under games/places to only show friend only servers!