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Bring Guests back to ROBLOX!

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Guests has been an icon for ROBLOX for many years. I't has given children all over the world a chance to try out ROBLOX without having to create an account. It has soooo many good benifits for all parties, and removing Guests is one big mistake ROBLOX could take on. 


On 3rd October 2017. Nightgaladeld annocouned that "Guest Mode" has been removed from ROBLOX. Mixed reactions came on the forums and social media. With Most ly Devlopers praising the removal while alot of people we're upset.


Here are the good reasons to keep Guests:

-Gives Kids a chance to first see ROBLOX on hand.

-Poor kids for reasons that can't create an account can still play ROBLOX

-It gives ROBLOX and it's users an good image.

-It gives already made account even more chances to play with other people.

-It gives people chances to make friends in real life.


For every good thing there is also bad things:


-Guests clougs up the servers.

-Guests sometimes lag and can create complications


But the good outweight the bad! And I hope that this petition has changed your option/made your decision.


#BringGuestsBack @ROBLOX @InsideROBLOX

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