Roblox Admins: Eliminate Safe Chat from Roblox so people can chat freely

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Super safe chat was a chat mode made on roblox just to prevent kids from saying any kind of inappropriate content or profanity. They wanted to censor some specific words or phrases. People still see hashtags but at that time, not so much was censored. At that time, roblox allowed us to chat how we wanted to but still, they want a kid friendly community so no one could swear or do anything like that. But still, the safe chat is still a problem for many.

On February 26th 2016, MeepCity was created, a game whos objective is to adopt a meep and customize your house. But now, people don't do that, the people go to parties and fine online daters from ages 5-8. The game now has almost 2 Billion visits, making it the most popular game on roblox, but it is the most dangerous. MeepCity also further plagued roblox and conquered it. The filter became so strict they had to post a devforum posts that you cannot say numbers and so many words in a numerous amount of languages, even English. Ever since, people been afraid that if this keeps up, they wont be able to chat anything and kids will be like guest. This extreme censorship must stop now, it has blocked kids from saying anything except the basic words that people learn in kindergarten. There is now literally no reason to chat anymore, unless you get the Happy Birthday letter that I got when I turned 13. Even though I have custom chat, but still, it isn't fair to the community because only teenagers can chat numbers and really hard vocabulary words that we know of. People began quitting the game as of April 2016, when Roblox removed tickets., when someone started a petition to shut down meep city. Online daters have corrupted roblox and called roblox "DATING HEAVEN /PARADISE! Roblox doesn’t care because all they want is money from those people who play roblox. They say that everything is going out fine but when the find out that Roblox was banned from the internet, they will still not care and steal peoples money. This is just like the feeling as if roblox is threatening its players with updates that will ruin the community, all they are is losing players.

Roblox will not be kid friendly if meep city doesnt shut down. People say roblox should be 13 year old game, other say even more. I think roblox should punish themselves due to the fact that they are the biggest reason roblox has been failing. This game is an UNSAFE ENVIRONMENT! They just believe their company is working fine. This "phenomenon" or disaster maybe endless due to the fact that Roblox doesnt know what is happening. As people quit roblox, safe chat begins to be even worse. For kids, chat is useless, that is the reason you see that no one is chatting and everyone is busy on their gaming. People are bullying others by calling them "noobs" for having safe chat.

This same goes for guest. In the wiki about safe chat it says Guest at all ages have safe chat. They added on to it by removing guest chat. Games like "Mine'd" fought back on that and continued guest chat. So if we remove safe chat, everything will go back to normal and roblox will be good again. People will start playing again!

Even when it comes to 13 year olds. They can still see other people hashtagged. They are being bullied by some but others protect them. Also, 13 year olds still have some things hashtagged but under 13 has everything. Those who came from banned are almost already like guest. If roblox were 13 year old game, how easier would the chat be. As time and time continues, Roblox is getting more dangerous and the chat is getting more aggressive.

I have custom chat so I don't mind all. But still, the save chat gets severe and severe. People are getting kicked out of group trainings for having safe chat. And the company as you know it will only get worse. Just aside these updates, they also censor more words without telling anyone knowing. They are censoring words every day people think and the company chooses to keep that up. The only thing that we can do is wipe it out from history. 

So if we eliminate safe chat from roblox, there will be no hashtag issues and ROBLOX will be like 2012 again. Also, there will be no one overprotecting us from chatting with friends as roblox thinks censored words means safer chat.