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Add tasks and challenges to get ROBUX.

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Roblox, a company that is mainly for children and young people, you can build your own game and play games of other developers with friends. It has integrated goods known as ROBUX. For some people it is very expensive since they live in other countries or their relatives do not let them buy them, then they should add challenges and tasks so that you win ROBUX, from very easy to give at least 50 ROBUX until difficult to give more than 500 ROBLOX, as well people could enjoy this great gaming platform.

So they could buy things they like for example, the Headless Horseman of 31,000 ROBUX, or game passes as a VIP.

The people would be very happy and ROBLOX would have more players, for example I live in another country, 400 robux cost almost $ 100 of money.

Thank you!

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