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Add Live Chat for Customer Support or Better Customer Support on ROBLOX

This petition had 360 supporters is one of the largest, if not, the largest children's sandbox game/site out there, and obviously with having a site that large people will encounter some issues. That's why customer support exists, to help users with their issues with the site, but in most people's experience, they aren't very supportive at all.

In most user's cases the following has been reported to often happen:

  • Recieving a response with a copy and paste message
  • Sent a message with the wrong info for their case
  • No investigation into the issue at all
  • Being completely ignored

Because Roblox is such a huge site, and has so much potential, I believe that it should have Live Customer Support Chat, where customer support can be more personal with their users and their problems. They can speak through a chat room and the problems will be resolved much quicker and much more efficiently. Many users and just people in general can understand the frustrations of not having much control over their situations, and getting reasonable answers quicker will definitely make them feel better.

If creating Live Chat for Roblox's customer support is too much, then at least attempt to expand the team and increase the quality of each user's experience with customer support. Perhaps adding a poll after the issue or conversation has finished to see what you can improve on. That would help getting feedback from all of your users and make the Roblox experience much more enjoyable.

|EDIT 9/30/2016| Roblox uses a service that is called Zendesk, which is a site that is a customer service employee and software provider. On their site they have Zopim, which is, according to the site, 44 $USD per agent per month for the Premium product. I'm sure that Roblox is very capable of paying $4,400 on 100, or even more for that matter. The reason I say this is because according to Roblox's metrics (updated June 2016) they have payed developers on their site over $6,000,000. So if they are able to do that, they are very capable of paying $4,400 a month or more for Live Chat.

In the end I'm hoping you will agree with this petition and that you can make this system much better.

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