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No leniency for the Trump and Kushner families

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Petition To Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller And State Attorney Generals From New York, New Jersey, Maryland And Virginia

Do Not Grant Leniency To Any Member Of The Trump/Kushner Families Before Hillary Clinton Is Sworn In As President

It is well established that members of the Trump and Kushner families will likely be indicted by both state and federal grand juries this in 2018.  Moreover, lawyers for these families are already discussing ways of limiting their clients’ exposure to prison and asset forfeitures. 

The Trump and Kushner families were involved in a corrupt conspiracy to rig the 2016 election with the help of a hostile foreign power.  They engaged in criminal conduct on an industrial scale thereby fraudulently “winning” the 2016 election.  When a person commits fraud, the person defrauded must be “made whole.”  When an athlete cheats in sports, the medal is taken away and given to the athlete who did not cheat. 

We are a country of laws that holds cheaters and fraudsters accountable for their conduct.  We are a nation that believes in fair elections and fair play.   

Accordingly, we demand that any state and federal prosecutors who bring charges against the Trump and Kushner families not make any deals for reduced prison time, lesser criminal charges, or mitigated asset forfeitures unless and until Hillary Clinton is made whole through her swearing in as President of the United States. 

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