Justice for Rebecca Carter. Deny a pardon for Pamela Sanders!

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Rebecca Leann Carter was a daughter, a sister, a friend, and a mentor. She had dreams, wishes, was a hard worker, and was the kindest person I have ever known. On a cold night in August, 7 long years ago, that sweet girl was stolen away from us. On August 18th, 2011 Becca was walking home from work and was struck from behind by a car, that didn't even slow down. She was rushed to the hospital where she died the next day. To this day we don't know if the driver was high, drunk, or just not watching the road. She was caught days later when she brought her car into a local shop to have it fixed like she had done nothing wrong. She was tried and convicted, not of manslaughter, not even vehicular homicide. She was convicted of leaving the scene of an accident with injury and was given 18 months house arrest. And that brings us here. After 7 years, after only receiving a slap on the wrist the first time, Pamela Sanders has applied for a pardon. She killed Rebecca, hit her and just kept driving. She has never taken ownership of that. She has never shown any remorse and now she thinks she can just sweep the entire event under the rug like it never happened. This is where you all come in. I will be showing the results of this petition at trial. So please, sign. Sign for every person in this world who has been denied justice, sign for so many who lost an amazing friend that horrible night, sign for a family who lost a loving daughter, but most of all, sign for Becca. She no longer has a voice to fight for the life she may have had, for the children she always wished for, for that smile that could stretch for miles. Becca had her whole life ahead of her and it was all taken away from her by a callous, sad excuse for a woman who gets to go home to her family every night and live her life as she wants. Sign so she knows that Becca is still remembered, and none of us will ever forget the shining light that she carelessly and thoughtlessly stole away from us. Sign so that justice will not be denied to Rebecca twice.