It is time for governments to fund the 1st veterinary university for biodiversity survival

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Hi everyone,

We know many species on earth are threatened with extinction. Many believe we are in fact in a 6th global wave of extinction of life on earth. The data are very clear about this.

New solutions are needed. It is not too late yet. I-arks has a unique set up to help provide the solutions but we need to get the financial support to get it realized. is the first ever international innovator platform in space, healthcare & nature’s health. 

Part of the organisation is a new international university for wildlife conservation. A first ever in veterinary medicine. We have veterinarians from 25 universities on board and are expanding. We take the lead because biodiversity conservation has been forgotten in the veterinary medicine curriculum  and there is a need to train veterinarians in more strategic, practically- and innovation oriented careers for wildlife conservation. Our work will not only allow to save many wildlife species but also to strongly innovate in veterinary and human medicine and technology. 

Despite repeated invitations to different political parties of the Belgian government & European Commission to financially support us, we have still not received funding yet.

We want your vote to ensure we get the needed funding we are entitled to, Just like other universities.

a new ambitious organisation that’ll create jobs & innovation for the very long term & survival of humanity deserves its place. We need to start.

 We are grateful for your support. 

Thank you very much to sign the petition.

Veerle Ronsse, dvm, phd

President & founder

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This is what’s others say about us :

“In a world where innovation in health & healthcare is essential, conserving the genetic heritage and health of life on earth is a top priority. Applications ranging from future medical inventions to enhancing food supply stand to benefit greatly from genetic heritage banking. I-arks objectives encompass to address this in a healthy and innovative way.”

Peter Doherty, DVM, PhD, Nobelprize winner in physiology or medicine

“Innovation is the key driver to discover new and innovative treatments & preventive measures in the healthcare sector. In order to ensure a constant innovation of R&D & human longevity within the healthcare environment, biodiversity and genetic heritage is of utmost importance – now and in the future. Therefore, the contribution of I-ARKS as the first worldwide start-up & innovation platform is very relevant to make an exportable and high quality backup of animal life on earth.”

Prof. Mads Krogsgaard Thomsen, DVM, PhD, DSc Executive Vice President and Chief Science Officer, R&D Management, Novo Nordisk A/S & board member University of Copenhaegen 

Biodiversity is an important aspect of our ecosystem and therefore of our everyday life. Humanity should preserve the biodiversity on this planet for the well-being of this and all future generations. The contribution of I-ARKS and its network of experts can in that be instrumental"

Frank De Winne 

Head of the European Astronaut Centre Department

HRE-A, ESA - European Space Agency