PAC-12 Conference: Fire Larry Scott NOW! We need a new commissioner

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The commissioner of the Pacific-12 (PAC-12) Conference has done an extremely poor job of representing the interests and needs of the conference's member institutions.  There are many supporting examples (scheduling constraints and disproportionate revenue distribution that member schools face because of the way Mr. Scott negotiated the conference's television contract; low-key or nonexistent response to NCAA allegations against conference members; poor availability of conference television channels; etc.).

The NCAA's recent exclusion of the University of Southern California (USC) men's basketball team from the 68-team field for its men's basketball championship tournament is the proverbial "straw that broke the camel's back."  USC's team is the highest-ranked team--ever--from a major conference to not receive an at-large bid to the tournament field.

PAC-12 member schools and their supporters deserve a leader who will fiercely and unabashedly advocate for their interests.   They deserve a leader who will ensure that all members' interests are protected and advanced.  They deserve a leader who will speak out when other conferences are allowed to gain unfair, entrenched advantages.

His track record clearly demonstrates that Larry Scott is not that leader.  Since his appointment as PAC-12 commissioner in 2010, he has been paid more than $20 million.  As of May 2017, he was the highest-paid conference CEO, by a considerable margin. 

We, the fans and supporters of PAC-12 member universities, ask you, the presidents and/or chancellors of those universities, to fire Larry Scott and begin a comprehensive and fair search for a new commissioner.  The conference isn't even close to getting the "bang for the buck" they should be getting from such a highly-paid leader.