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For a change in the charge and penalty for parental kidnapping in the state of Alabama.

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My daughter, Brittany Robinson, was abducted in June of 2012. Brittany, who was 14yrs old at the time, was taken by her father.

In August of 2014 Brittany's father, Demetric L Hooper (CC2013-005293) plead guilty to the charge of interfering with custody and was sentenced to 10yrs in prison.

On November 7, 2016 I received a letter, dated 10/03/16, stating Demetric L Hooper, who was sentenced to 10yrs is prison for interfering with custody and who has only served 2 yrs in prison, is being released on December 11, 2016. Even though the whereabouts of my daughter are still unknown. Please, please join me in appealing to Gov Robert Bentley to not release Demetric Hooper early or not to release him until the whereabouts of Brittany are known.

Brittany was very family oriented and she loved hard. She wanted so much to have a relationship with her dad. So, despite the disconnect or the lack of physical or financial support, it was granted. Every single time he reappeared. Brittany S Robinson was allowed to go with her estranged father back in June of 2012 for an agreed two night stay over the weekend. Brittany was never heard from or seen again. After Brittany was not returned on the agreed date I made several attempts to contact her father. This went on for three days with him only responding by text, until ending all communication. Immediately his mother was contacted to inquire of his whereabouts but informed me that communication ended around the same time as well. This is when I became worried and contacted law enforcement.

Considering the details of Brittany's disappearance, It can be strongly suggested that Demetric L Hooper had no intentions of returning Brittany. Which under the circumstances should be considered kidnap. Brittany was allowed to visit him with an agreement that was broken. Legally, paternity nor any type of judgements were never established because he would not appear in court. Demetric L Hooper should have faced stiffer charges once Brittany was not returned. She was in his care for a visit only. He is the only one who knows where she is or what happened to Brittany, but I do not think he planned on ever notifying anyone. Lets not ignore the fact that Demetric Hooper did all he could to avoid authorities after the disappearance of Brittany. This alone is very disturbing and aids in the assumptions of his intentions. Why? What was he running for/from if he didn't do anything wrong? What were his motives? Rather than Demetric reporting to authorities or returning Brittany, he fled to several states before being located in AR by the US Marshalls. He went from Alabama to Mississippi, to Louisiana then back to Mississippi. While in Macomb MS he deceived an elderly couple who purchased a bus ticket for him to AR. He then traveled to Memphis TN and on to AR where he checked into a clinical trial center for schizophrenia disorders in an attempt to hide out. In his possession were knives, a rope and her ipod. He fought extradition to Mobile, AL but after 90 days was transferred. Where was Brittany during his travels? If she was not going to be in his care as agreed, why didn't he bring her home before taking off. To the date he has not said a mumbling word in regards to Brittany.

How could this continue to be considered as only interference with custody and how could he be considered for release when Brittany has not been returned? The definition of such an act and the penalty has to change. It has been four years and she is now 18. She has missed out on so much of her life and we have truly missed her. No nurturing my daughter in her teenage years, no mother daughter talks, no hugs or smiles, no graduation, no senior prom, no college applications, No Brittany. Instead, a father who has sat silently in prison and has not even considered his daughter. How could he? She is not with her family. She is not even in his care.

It has been four years. Demetric L Hooper has not shown any concern or remorse regarding Brittany's disappearance. He has not communicated with myself, his family, my family, or the authorities regarding Brittany. Is it that a person can commit a crime, sit in prison and behave long enough to be released. How hard is it to maintain good behavior in your own confined space when trying to get away with something? If he is released I may never know the whereabouts of my daughter or what happened to her. Brittany is not here but I am her voice. If you would like to join forces with me and be a voice for Brittany, please sign this petition. No answers - no release - Justice for Brittany.

Thank you,

Tiana Hogue (mother of Brittany S Robinson)



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