Fairness in Bingo Blitz game

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We the undersigned players of Bingo Blitz want fair and reasonable playing experience within the game. We believe we are being cheated out of money and credits. The game is not fair in its practices. We want increased win ratios and honest playing. We want FAIRNESS! We want the game to stop manipulating from behind and make it the same for all players! WE WANT CHANGE! Items to address include:

1. Increasing credit wins to, at minimum, the cost of each game to play.

2. More benefits for Elite who pay for extras monthly and get nothing in return!

3. Fair returns on wins and prizes given. 

4. Realistic expectations for completeting rooms.

5. Stop manipulating bingo wins by adjusting ball counts and stopping bingos.

6. Descrapancies in costs of quests, extra items, and credit purchases.

We the undersigned are long time loyal players and want fair play and changes made to this game!