Reviewing Angela Dawn Jones federal case for commuting or pardoning !

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This is about my niece Angela Dawn Jones who is serving time in Aliceville Alabama for a meth charge, Angela has already spent 10 years and her outdate is 2034. The federal government has kept her so far away from family that she hasn't seen us for the last 10 years. Angela now has 4 grandchildren that she has never meant plus a son in law. Our family has a big support system here at home for Angela. We are asking you to review her case as I see that our great President Obama has been commuting and pardoning federal inmates cases with long sentences for drug charges. Angela has always kept a job and has no write ups. Her judge has sent a letter asking to review her case. Please help our family be whole again. Angela Dawn Jones 09250-030. If she would be commuted  it would make her sentence shorter and pardoning would let her come home even earlier. We feel that she has paid her time for just being an addict. She would love to come home and meet her grandbabies and enjoy the love that our family is waiting to share with her. Angie has already lost her father, 2 brothers and her grandmother before her incarceration , and her mother and grandfather since her incarceration . Please review her case Angela Dawn Jones 09250-030. Thank you