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Stop the unnessesary uniform change at Callington Community College

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Callington Community College is presently considering recommendations for a complete revision to the current school uniform; this is an issue which will affect every parent, or carer with children who attend the school in addition to the children themselves. While the school have alluded to a thorough process of consideration amongst pupils, parents and staff we, as parents of a young boy who attends the school, strongly believe that this is an important concern that may not, but should reach all affected parents and children and give them the opportunity to contribute their opinion.

This petition was instigated after speaking with several like-minded parents who unanimously feel that the proffered uniform is both gratuitous and a wholly unnecessary expense. It is approximately 40% more expensive than the current uniform, with a significant increase in cost due to the insistence by Ivybridge academy that the proposed uniform can only be produced by one company. Should the proposals go ahead, this company will also be given exclusive copyright of the new logo, resultantly, no other company will be able to reproduce the uniform and, as a consequence, the price will remain high as there will be no competition.

According to the Indices of Multiple Deprivation (2015) a nationally recognised measure of relative deprivation; Cornwall is one of the most deprived counties within the UK. Furthermore, Callington (West) ranks as the most deprived area in what was the former Caradon district. Additionally, this area is to be found within the top 20% of relative deprivation in the whole of England's populous and, as a consequence, many parents in the Callington area may well struggle to afford the new uniform.

In the interests of affordability for economically disadvantaged families, it has been suggested that for those in receipt of Pupil Premium the fund could be used to fund the costs. However, Pupil Premium is intended to help raise the education standards of disadvantaged students and it is felt that using a large proportion of pupil premium to pay for uniforms will ultimately deprive the most vulnerable students of the education which they rightfully deserve. Rather, these extra funds should be used to bridge the ever-widening gap in economic inequalities.

It has also been reported in the Cornish Times that Callington Community College principle - Kathy Hocking has inferred that the introduction of a new uniform will raise standards, both visually and academically. However, there is no credible research to support this view and conversely, research suggests that there is no positive correlation between school uniform and academic ability and/or raising attainment. Therefore, the statement made by the principal is completely unfounded and also deceptive.

So, if you disagree with the possibility of a new uniform potentially being forcefully implemented, please click the button and sign our petition, it would really mean a lot to the affected families.

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