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Make Pizza Day (Feb 9) a National Holiday and give it the respect it deserves

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Pizza as you know is loved by millions and because of that love it has its own day.  Unfortunately February 9 is also Read in the Bathtub Day, Toothache Day (its lobby is strong and a formidable foe), and Safer Internet Day.  As you can see, it's up against some tough competition, but I believe most people would choose pizza over safer internet every day. 

Back to the matter at hand, Pizza Day.  As I said, millions of people here in the United States love pizza and because of this love they deserve a day to celebrate with friends and family.  Let's make this happen, let's give the people what they want, Pizza Day.  Think of how much productivity will increase with the though of a day of pizza, and think of how much more focused and ready for the coming year they will be after they spend the day eating and laughing and loving.  It really is in the best interest of our nation to pursue such an endeavor.

Pizza Day will recognize all people, it will discriminate against no one.  How?  Pizza comes in all shapes and sizes, it can have any ingredient your heart desires, it can even be gluten-free.  Think of the bonding and the come-togetherness that this will foster.  We need more love like this in our country and in our hearts.  I believe a move like this will reach across the aisles and gain full bi-partisan support.  This is what we need now more than ever in this country.

Let's do the right thing, let's make this OUR day.  A day for ALL people.  A day of love and respect for all toppings that come together on a pizza, just like all of us come together in this great nation.  I don't think we are just a melting pot, I like to think of us as a super supreme pizza.

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