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A Plea From Northside Curtin University Students

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Please, please fix the Kwinana Freeway Exit onto Manning Rd.

The majority of us Northside Curtin University students are faced with the same fear everyday, are we going to make it onto Manning Rd in one piece?

Over a year ago, a Reddit user by the name of f9e4r4uyji0 posted on /r/perth a similar concern for the shittiness of the Manning rd exit. ''I can't be the only one who's scared shitless when moving off the Kwinana Freeway southbound onto Manning Road, can I? When I pass the big "Reduce Speed Now" sign, and drop down to the posted speed limit of 60, I'm always faced with the dilemma of moving into the lane to my left, only to find that everyone already in it is already doing 90 before they've even technically entered the freeway.''

I have seen cars not make it onto Manning Rd, I have seen cars speed up well pasted the maximum speed of 60km just to make the exit, I have seen cars slow down and give way to those entering the freeway, in order for themselves to make the exit. Considering how many students North of the river attend Curtin Uni I'm surprised nothing has been done to fix this shit show of an exit.

The same type of ramp is used on the Mitchell Freeway for Cedric St and Karrinyup Rd, its about 4x times as long as Manning rd ramp and at 80km/h it's a lot easier to change lanes and make it onto the desired road. The Manning Rd exit is just way too short. I understand the cost to fix this financially is huge. Extending this exit is quite the impossible task due to the close proximity of other exits and existing buildings. There is a variety of solutions. None of them simple... But heres a few ideas, myself and my fellow peers have come up with.

1.The creation of a completely new and alternative exit.

2.An overpass/underpass being implement.

3. Solely a Manning Rd exit - NO ENTRANCE ONTO THE FREEWAY.

4.Traffic lights.

Fix it, before its too late.

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