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Driving in all conditions with lights on.

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Back in the UK I had a friend deeply affected by an incident whereby he was exiting a side road onto a main arterial route.

The lighting conditions were so poor with visibility down to a bare minimum due to heavy rain and dark clouds overhead. My friend waited to see the pathway was clear before exiting - the offending vehicle unseen due to driving with no lights in very poor conditions in a dark grey vehicle.

Of course, attempting to pull onto the main road my friend used as much caution as he thought necessary: waiting until he thought there was a clearway. The other vehicle was totally unsighted (courts accepted his reasoning).

As a consequence, the other driver ploughed into the now exiting vehicle and the driver was killed instantly. The friend was also injured. However, as a consequence of guilt and horror that (in his mind) he had been the cause of the incident he refused to drive again and he suffered psychological issues for many months afterwards.

Other road users cannot see your vehicle if you fail to ensure your safety and theirs by 'lighting up' in ALL conditions.

Many Australian drivers seem oblivious to the risks, rather sticking rigidly to the current motoring laws which allow drivers to A - use discretion and B - turn on lights from dusk to dawn. 

If lights on at all times were compulsory many lives may be saved on roads across the country through being seen.

Dark coloured cars, white cars, heavy rain, foggy, very cloudy, darkened skies due to poor weather... Every reason to want to be seen. Turn your lights on! Or better still - KEEP THEM ON AT ALL TIMES BEFORE YOU KILL SOMEONE OR ARE KILLED/INJURED YOURSELVES!

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