Appropriate school uniform

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The teachers are not proud of our uniform and I can see why and what's wrong with it. However, the reason that we do this is for warmth and comfortability. We understand the ban of hoodies, colored socks, and other "out there" and "unpresenteful outfits"  In other words, compromise is needed and a solution to this great controversial topic is that  Riverside needs a sweatshirt like Hunters Hill Highschool (image to it will be linked below.) as this way would make all parties; the parents, staff members and students overall satisfied. 


  1. WARMTH: the school sweatshirts DO NOT KEEP US WARM, the staff members cannot argue with this as they do not wear it school, 5 days a week from 7 am to 4 pm in the freezing cold winter which gets cold every year due to climate change going to drastic numbers. The fleece jacket also DOES NOT KEEP US WARM, the fleece material is not flexible nor blended well enough and is too stiff to move in. If they do want us to layer that us hypocrasy since we're not allowed school sweatshirts to look "presentable" but layering will make us look uncomfortable. If the school cares about how presentable we look the fleece jacket looks cheap and like a hiking jacket.
  2. CHEAP MATERIALS AND OVERPRICING: the best example of how cheap and low-budget our school uniform is our see-through shirts that are made of the thinnest cheapest material. I understand the school is under a budget but it is not acceptable for our bras to show through our shirts every day on the way to school every day in the public eye and sell that shirt for an extremely overpriced amount that's 45 dollars. How rushed and cheap our uniform is also shown in the sizing of our skirts, most girls do not roll up their skirts for them to be shorter but to actually fit around my waist as it's too loose and keeps falling down.
  3. BIASED OPINIONS: The school claims that the PNC (parent council) decides what the students should wear and have a big influence, however, this is very biased as the parents do not wear the uniform and at least one single student's opinion in this meeting would make a difference. Belinda Brodrick was one of the few adults who tried to help change the uniform and made a survey gathering all 600 students opinions and parents on the uniform, however, no change is happening yet due to staff-members disagreeing and avoiding it. 
  4. IMPRESSION OF PUSHING GENDER STEREOTYPES: The school used to offer pants to us but now most of the time they are sold out (even though no-one buys them yet) and ALLEGEDLY the pants are discontinued. The only other option is the P.E pants which the school refuses us to wear as part of the regular uniform.
  5. SECLUSION TOWARDS RELIGIONS: The school options are very limited, some girls in our school who are Muslims can't always wear the school pants as they are too tight on them and sizes are limited yet however the school does not offer enough sizes or other options such as an elongated skirt. 
  6. SIMILARITIES: If one of the school's concerns about the approval of the sweatshirt is that it'll look like other schools, a reminder that our skirts are almost identical and extremely similar as Ryde secondary, Woolwich and Burwood high skirts and uniforms. Standing out and being "creative" and "unique" should not be a problem with the sweatshirts if the school skirts are not original and been copied multiple times. 
  7. OVERDRAMATICNESS: The school is sending out detentions because of socks If they are too short or too long but in the copy of the school conduct of uniform in our school diary, it states SHORT SOCKS ARE OKAY. The socks are supposed to be above the ankles however teachers have been telling students off if it's just the tiniest bit taller or lower than the ankle. 
  8. STUDENTS HAPPINESS: Rarely any of Ryde Secondary and Hunters Hill high school students break the school uniform because they are comfortable and warm in it. Riverside has its full right to want to keep the school's history and culture in their uniform but they need to understand change does happen with the new generation and if the uniform is not functional enough and they do not compromise. The uniform is outdated and old and does not apply to anyone's needs. Riverside can easily keep the school's culture and tradition and still keep the uniform presentable (you can also just wear a blazer in important events)


The Hunters Hill sweatshirt design should be allowed in Riverside. 

(link to an image of the Huntershill sweatshirt)