Find an alternative to random hunting of the displaced wild pigs of Riverside & Jurupa.

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I just saw on the news last night and on the "Happenings in Riverside" website"That wild pigs had been sighted foraging for food in Fairmount Park". There was a group of them possibly 30 or 40.  I at first found it interesting even cute to see nursing piglets and then become disheartened to find out that Riverside Animal control services is encouraging residents to hunt these poor displaced creatures.  This doesn't seem like a very responsible or well thought through plan on dealing with this terrible tragic situation.  I understand these creatures are dangerous and are coming up from the river trail spillways.  Couldn't fencing be put in place to protect the parks from the nightly foraging that takes place.  I would have thought that this contingency had already been in place with all the new housing tracks built near the river trails in that area. Perhaps Animal control could deal with this through catch and relocation. Not this inhumane shooting spree. It's like open season on wild pigs and you know they kill the babies first( that meat is more valued by the hunters). They can let the adults die a slow and painful death there are no controls in place to make sure death is quick and painless. This is not right. Just an announcement to take care of a problem the county created when they allowed all this growth. These displaced indigenous species should have been taken into consideration when planning all these shopping plazas and housing tracks. Here we go again, all that matters is what we as human beings want.. not what our other fellow earthling might be losing in the process. I can't believe this is happening here in Riverside~ I thought we were a more enlightened community that dealt with our problems in a more kind, compassion and humane way.  There has to be another way to handle this or stronger restrictions in place to ensure that it is handled completely humanely.  These are living creature living in family groups and all LIFE should be handled with respect.

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