Open Ripley's Aquarium Properly

Open Ripley's Aquarium Properly

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Luis Robben started this petition to Ripley's Aquarium of Canada


You may remember me from a few months ago. I'm Luis Robben. I used to support & visit the Ripley's Aquarium of Canada in downtown Toronto, Canada. They refused to shut down for COVID-19 (and were one of the literal last big businesses to do so, and only after I started a petition and write-in campaign that had almost 500 supporters in 2 days).

Unfortunately, I am back with another petition to ask this company to be decent.

I have learned, all through anonymous sources, that the Aquarium has opened and is making questionable decisions already. Let me list them:


1. Many 'temporarily laid off' employees found out about the re-opening from their Twitter/Facebook posts. The building has now opened and a lot have no idea if they still have jobs.

 UPDATE 07/02/20: We are one week into opening. BlogTO's article confirms many employees won't be back soon (as we've come to expect), but gives no answer as to why employees still haven't even officially heard of the reopening or any assurances they will have jobs to come back to. 

2. Ripley's is allowing guests from all over & they do not need to follow any mask protocols. If small businesses can make masks mandatory, so can a billion dollar one. (NO LONGER AN ISSUE, SEE BELOW)

UPDATE 07/02/20: The Government passed a bill mandating indoor masks. This is a win, however not a choice that Ripley's willingly made. Please do not think their posts about "being in this together" are any indication that they wanted to do this.

3. An anonymous employee says they are being forced to take pay CUTS. In the middle of a pandemic, Ripley's has figured out that the way to recoup their losses is from the pockets of their employees. This is UNACCEPTABLE.

UPDATE 07/03/20: Peter Doyle, General Manager of Ripley's Aquarium of Canada, has confirmed 20% pay cuts to staff, though saying they will be temporary (with no end date given).

4. Another source says they have only brought back 9 housekeeping staff. How can they claim to have a clean building with only 9 of their original team back? Statistically, it cannot be possible to be as clean as before with less cleaning staff.

UPDATE 07/03/20: Peter Doyle has confirmed 30% department reductions for staff, including housekeeping.

5. A source says that the interactive exhibits throughout the Aquarium don't have mandatory sanitization stations nor team members standing near to clean it. Guests are frequently touching exhibits another guest may have just finished with.

UPDATE 07/03/20: Peter Doyle has confirmed the 'high touch interactive exhibits' will be closed, though did not mention the interactive exhibits they don't consider to be high tough and did not mention mandatory hand sanitizing stations. Closing one interactive area but not another defeats the purpose of the first closure.



1. Pay employees their full wages, including back pay for already reduced pay.

2. Bring back all (if not more) housekeeping staff to keep everyone safe & clean.

3. Close ALL interactive exhibits.

4. Mandate hand sanitizer stations.

5. Have employees walking around to ensure proper social distancing.


To commit all of these atrocities for both their employees and guests proves that they CONTINUE to put profits over people.

Help me get them to reconsider.

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