Suspend the cooperation of league of legends with Garena

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Garena is not qualified to be League of Legends' agent.


  • (2018/07/09)


    Garena had made the users to mine bitcoin in the past, by implant malware in the patch files, so the users can’t find out immediately.

    Here’s a video to introduce this case.
    Start from 6:41


  • (2018-Now)

    A netizen who claimed himself as a previous worker in garena declared that the data base of Tw server had been hacked (the post had been removed in a short period of time)

    Following the incident, the amount of accounts being stolen and sold by hackers increased. However, the victims weren't able to seek support from garena since their account had been permanently banned due to using scripts during the time of being stolen.

    There’re more and more players being hacked.


    Garena had changed the contract: Users should use the free safety device which we provide, or we won’t take responsibility for it.

    The other game, Path of Exile, which is also proxied by Garena, had set up a 2FA already. But they actually haven’t set up a 2FA for League of Legends.

    It confuse many LOL players and make them disappointed that Garena not only haven’t provide enough protection for users account, but also they’ve keep launching some offers for skins.


    We don’t think Garena is good at protect users’ account, it seems like League of Legends is only a cash cow to them.

    Please save us, when we still have a passion for League of Legends.