To give Xayah a matching skin with the new Invictus Rakan skin (Possibly a 'fangirl' skin)

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The new Invictus skins are beautiful. In the past, though it has been stated that it is planned for Xayah and Rakan to have matching skins.

To add some order to this, an idea for this would be to give Xayah a fangirl skin which would mimic the Invictus skin line but not count as one of the skins (As it was not chosen as one) A way to incorporate this would be to have Xayah be a fan of Rakans.

I started this petition, because…
I am personally a Xayah (well somewhat former) main, who has been attempting to learn Rakan. I don't mind that Rakan was getting a skin (and I quite like it) but there is balance and something pleasing with Xayah and Rakan having matching skins.