Riven is being forgotten, she really needs a buff!

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Dear Riot Games,

We assume that you find Riven a healthy champion in your game, League of Legends, due to the lack of changes in the last few patches, and her high playerbase.

We, Riven players, think she is an unhealthy champion, because:


Riven does not like the recent itemization changes from the last few patches as much as other bruisers do. Things like the Blade of the Ruined King cost reduction, Guardian Angel cost increase, etc. are nerfs to Riven and buffs to other toplaners. This puts her even further behind then she already was in the current meta.


The current toplane meta mainly exists of bad matchups for Riven. The recent Garen buffs (8.9), Irelia rework, Swain rework, darius buffs (8.4), Mundo buffs (8.9), Poppy buffs (last few patches), etc. are lethal to Riven in her current state. She, compared to others, has not received any buffs since patch 7.24 (except for a 0.16 base health regen buff) to keep up with the other toplaners.


The rune system as it is right now forces Riven to sacrifice mandatory stats. Surviving the early game was possible because we had cooldown in our runes. This is basically non-existent in the current runes (until 10 minutes, which is mid-game in the current 20-25 minute lasting games). The best rune for Riven right now is probably Conqueror, but that gives Riven issues as well.

  1.  Riven uses attackspeed really poorly.
  2. She needs defensive stats because she is in a bad spot, but taking resolve as the 2nd tree sacrifices all of her starting AD just by choosing the runetree combo. This also means you can't choose the Transcendence rune (sorcery 2nd tree) which gives her an additional 10% CDR at level 10.
  3. The domination tree is absolutely terrible for Riven. The high cooldown on electrocute together with the frequent trades a Riven makes in lane, is just bad.

We would like to see our Riven get some love.
We feel like she is way behind other champions in the game.
We want to see our Riven happy again.

Thanks in advance.

~ Riven players

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