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RIOT, please, don't remove Twisted Treeline from the game!

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We have a voice, fellow summoners! And I know Twisted Treeline playerbase isn't as large as Summoner's Rift playerbase, but we love this map, and we deserve some attention from Riot! We are aware of RIOT intentions of throwing Twisted Treeline into Rotating Game Mode Queues. And we think Twisted Treeline will get retired (like Dominion was) during the next season (season 7). Everything points to that destiny.

We are thousands of players around the world, and we love Twisted Treeline map. We don't want to see our favourite map to be retired just like Dominion. RIOT, just hear us! We Know Summoner's Rift is the main map, and we are content with that. But just give a bit of your attention to our good old Twisted Treeline. That map have been with us since LoL release. Don't remove it from the game.

Give it some attention, instead!

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