Remove permanently from LoL ARURF mode and replace it to URF

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Urf had been created around the third season of League of Legends. It was such an enjoyable gamemode but then for some reason Riot decided to change it and not let us choose what we want to play. That's how ARURF was born. The problem itself is that this gamemode is actual bullshit because compared to the old URF it's such a boring mode and it can turn into a 0 joy experience.
This affects every and single one of the players in the community of League of Legends, those who miss it and those who have never been able to choose.
I've been playing this game for around 7 years and URF is the thing I miss the most.

I'm creating this to ask Riot Games to please delete this gamemode and replace it with the original URF that was the mode we once enjoyed and will forever be in our hearts. (With bans please)

Thank you for signing and if you feel this should really be done, share it.

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