Bring back Akali healing

Bring back Akali healing

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Jakubek Ch. started this petition to Riot Games and

"I hope this works"-Poppy

A bit of the introduction about what a rework is ment to achieve most of the time 

Reworks are ment to preserve the core aspect and gameplay of the old champion whilst removing the outdated parts. That's why whilst new Irelia is a ballance issue she is still a good revork due to keeping her core part of a kit (namely Q resetting on minion kill and good in team fight ultimate whilst solving many problems old irelia had with being a front line dive champion with no tankyness in her kit other than "if you hit me too much you will get stunned instead of slowed"). 

Akali had 3 core parts of her identity before her rework.

1 Shroud, witch was executed EXTREMELY well (beside true stealth but that's no longer the case)

2 Dashes... well ... new akali is a bit overkill but definitely is nice and fun in that aspect. (To use ... not so much to play against)

"I love what I do, my enemies won't"

3 Healing, and that's what the petition is about. Dear Riot, you have made a cool rework but it was too strong and there is no doubt about that, but reworks are ment to preserve parts of champion people loved and were core parts of said champ design and one of them is (or rather was) healing. 

I do agree that just bringing akali healing with no further nerfs would be a good idea for a disaster so a few changes I can suggest would be:

1 remove ability of passive proc with just E(make it so enemy hit with E do not get the ring around them). Meynie adding ability to cancel Q immediately into E would be a nice change but that's just a quality of life change for recompensation of no ring on E

2 Remove stun from her ult. (I do know about the small interaction with R -> E but hitting a stunned enemy with the skillshot isn't all that skill expressive is it?) If you wanna keep the cc on her ultimate you can make it a silence or a slow to keep her viable in team figh. But since just a shroud is enough to put enemy adc and enchanter support out the fight due to just pure pressure shroud causes  it i dont think it's necessary 

3 Remove Q slow. It definitely is a bit of a minmaxing skill that few akali mains mastered but it makes her extremely oppressive in toplane matchups such as darius, tryndamere, jax, all champions who are melee and don't get access to the short cd dash are as it is now getting countered by akali since she gets a lot of movement speed with her Passive and once she gets dashed on she can just use her E to stay in save range

4 Add 5-10 units to her Passive diameter making it unable to instaproc it just from being in the maximum Q range on the very edge of missing Q completely, as it is now it's not a reliable option of using it since it requires precision of standing in very specific spot and if you do not make it work you straight lose 100-80 energy. That's just not a reliable thing to do it's just rng with not even 50% chance of doing it and missing its like 1 in 5

"The only rule that matters is that your enemies don't walk away"

5 Nerf her base numbers and make her powerspikes more impactfull. (old akali had extreme powerspike with revolver and lvl 6 for example) Making her also stronger in the late game.(That change can complement the removal of hard cc from her ultimate making her better in late game and weaker in lane) This change would obviously also nerf her lane phase.

"Everyone's got a weakness, that's my target" 

6 Take out the movement speed from her Passive to the ring or to the target after her Passive ring has been crossed. (Akali has access to gunblade so ... does she need this movement speed all that much?)If you don't wish to take out the move speed buff then you can always make it even smaller. (It feels odd to watch akali make 3 faster steps after activating the passive) 

"You think you you're gonna walk away?"

7 Make shroud more reliable, make a cool down start on the start of it and just add 7 seconds to base value of her cool down and 9 to maximum rank just as it scales right now, change like this one would give a bigger window to punish bad akali players and reward good ones.

8 Revert the changes form patch 8.24b making her have to exit shroud multiple times in order to make the most out of it.

9 Revert changes from 8.15 and keeping just visuals isn't that bad of an idea is it? (Yes this isa joke ... but ... let's just say akali mains won't get too mad about this since it will let us play our champion again) 

"Let's make it quick"

Hope some of those ideas will make up for ability to bring the heal back in some way, it's mostly just removing many of small not core parts of her kit that are here for no reason whatsoever other than just "let's make ability description longer" and meanwhile none of them are impactfull on their own they just add up in a way that makes a champion feel oppressive and not actually fun and balanced when fighting versus akali and you don't feel them all that much when playing as her.

I need to also make an apology, I'm not a native nor fluent to English so I apologise for the grammar mistakes made above as well as typo's and poor vocabulary.

"Let's end this"

Thank you for your time and I hope Akali will be Akali again 

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