Keep supporting Blackberry 10 OS. Some of us still value our privacy and productivity.

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This is an age where online privacy has actually turned into a Joke. With companies like Google, Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp selling user information to the highest bidder.

Quite many of us value our privacy, sure the new blackberry runs on android, but end of the day it's a smartphone that needs to access google's servers to activate.

Blackberry 10 was the only OS that actually got us more productive and focus on tasks that needed attention without any distractions while keeping our data private. 

Fact: Phones like the light phone have a premium price tag, people still buy it cause they would love to get away from everything and have the basics like text messages, navigation (newer model) and calls.

Question: Why can't blackberry OS 10 focus on something like this that lets us just focus on work and keep our life private, away from the giants who sell us out.

Trust me there are millions who will back me when i say this, just cause it has no facebook or instagram or whatsapp does not make it a bad product, don't give in to the hype and abandon a product that's so secure tech giants refuse to make it cause they cant get our data out through their app. Blackberry was made for our data to be OUR data. Embrace it, it's still not too late.

Okay, i get it you don't want to spend millions on keeping Blackberry OS 10 active as development costs are to be considered, sell it to someone who will still support the development ( Amazon) or keep a premium price tag for the device or updates, we will pay as consumers who value their privacy. Instead of looking for newer devices that offer the latest patches, pay a premium for the patch on one device that supports the upgrade.


Thanks and i hope most of this has made sense, we as consumers should know how much our life is worth, specially when we share it online.