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RIGHT THE WRONGFUL CONVICTION OF Christopher Ferrell, Self Defense Is NOT Murder!

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On Nov, 23/2013 at approx 5am, 3 eye witneses had just fled the petitioners bar, (fearing for their own lives) after an altercation  followed by multiple threats of death/murder, by the decedent, to the establishment's owner and the Petitioner,

Christopher Ferrell.

At almost 5am, Chris found himself alone, in the dark with an highly intoxicated, violent 6'7, 265#, convicted felon, who at the time had a BAC .221, + .23ng amphetamines in his blood system, the decedent had proclaimed for the 3rd time "F@¿£ It!  I'm going to F'ing KILL YOU!!!".

The aggressor in this altercation Was NOT Ferrell. The situation was spiraling out of control, the moment Ferrell was drawing his pistol, as the threat had escalated to an undeniable dangerous level (the completely out of control individual threw his heavy half full collins drink glass to the ceramic tile floor below, where it exploded like a gunshot!!) Ferrell's heightened 'Fight or Flight' instinct response, combined with fear, adrenaline and a sympathetic reaction (to glass EXPLODING) caused him to fire the semi auto  .22cal pistol 3 times (In rapid succesion, less then 1second) into the wall (directly in front of him), as he turned to see what was happening (to his left) with the suspect who'd simultaneously broke the glass immediately after screaming,  "F@$# it I'm GONNA KILL YOU!!!" 

When the first shot was fired, the threat apparently turned and fell (slipping and falling in the very contents of the glass he just broke) as he scrambled TOWARDS the direction Ferrell was firing. *the suspect disappeared from Ferrells view and popped back up from behind the bar directly in 'The Line Of Fire', yet he still proceded out the front door. Unbeknownst to Ferrell at the time, the suspect was hit by the 3rd shot. He had disappeard out the front door of the establishment, and though shaken, Ferrell thought it was All Over. He had no idea at that moment the perpetrator had suffered ANY injury, much less one that would eventually become fatal injury some 12hrs later. Upon investigating outside and finding the wounded individual, Chris retrieved him back into the warmth of the inside, rendered emergency medical aid, and called 911.

After some 5hrs in wet 36 degree weather in a t- shirt, Chris was NOT thinking clearly, He panicked, clearly  *not thinking straight while speaking with a deceitful and manipulative detective who had an agenda as well as a grudge/vendetta to settle with Chris

*Over some felony theft charges Chris had filed against the Metro PD some 3 months prior.* He knew that the investigator (who was also investigating the Police Theft charges Chris had filed, VARY much had a motive to bury Chris which would make the investigation into the police dept disappear) Never mind the false/misleading statements attributed to Chris at the scene of the shooting were * BY one of the primary police officer suspects* that Chris had implicated in the theft of almost $4500 dollars worth of his personal property) 

(that's a whole other story)


Lets review his condition.

1. Chris was 'In Shock'.

2. Chris was boarderline hypothermic from being in 36degree weather for 5hrs in a t-shirt,

3. Chris had not slept in 30+hrs, (he was up working from 7:30am the previous morning)

4. Chris had not eaten since the night brfore,  (aprox 8pm)

5. Chris had been drinking the night before. (Not to excess but enough to add to his hypoglycemic and hypothermic state), Chris needed Medical Attention, NOT an interrogation!

6. Chris volunteered to goto the hospital and be blood tested for drugs or alcohol. That was refused, as was ANY medical treatment.

Not only did Chris and his family want to consult with an attorney, and told this to the detective. He and his parents was told "NO", by detective Leonard Peck, and Chris was taken 'into coustdy, against his will and questioned/interrogated WITHOUT 'Mirnada Warnings'.

There's strill SO much to this story, it can not all be told in this petition.

But here are some more FACTS!

Ferrell was LEGALLY licensed to carry concealed weapon in TN, and was in HIS own establishment where he had a RIGHT TO BE.  (TN has the 'Stand Your Ground/No Duty To Retreat Laws and well as other laws that SHOULD have protected him when defending himself. And the individual who was KNOWN to Ferrell. The perpetrator of this ASSAULT had recently and previously almost killed a police officer (from which he only received probation after a Plea Deal) he was very capable and willing to following through with his threats he'd made about *Killing Ferrell*

Ferrell was 100% within his TN state rights to defend himself, even *with deadly force*, however that's NOT how it turned out!! 

The Media, fueled by Police, DA, and celebrity political pressure, ALL painted a fictional picture of their theory of what happened and Ferrell was eventually convicted of 2nd Degree Murder in a joke of a 4 1/2 day trial.

This was CLEARLY 'Self-Defense'. It has become common practice in the state of TN and our nation these days to deamonize ANYONE who uses a firearm to defend themselves.

Celebrity political pressure, anti-gun media and PD with a Motive to silence Chris and a DA's perversion of our Laws and RIGHTS is sadly a daily occurrence anymore.

If it could happen to CHRIS, it can happen to YOU! 

This nation as a whole is under assault on our 2nd Amendment Rights, as well as all laws designed to protect ourselves.

With ALL the tragedies in our country related to firearms, it's clear we are in DIRECT threat of our 2A Rights and civil liberties.

Chris legally owned and carried a firearm for 25yrs!!! He had NEVER shot at anyone or even had to draw on anyone. However AT THAT MOMENT, he was 'under the belief at the time' he was 'in danger of DEATH or SERIOUS BODILY INJURY'.

THE LAW IS CLEAR IN Tennessee it was simply IGNORED!!!





He has already lost ALL he worked for his whole life to build and now he's lost 4 1/2 yrs of his life. He's spent every penny he and his family HAD to defend his LIFE and HIS RIGHTS!!!



YOUR LIFE AND FREEDOMS COULD DEPEND ON IT IN THE FUTURE! You never know when you could be put in his positron or be forced to make a split second decision.


Bless you all~









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