Require Uber/Lyft drivers to do DUI test by local police when reported by a rider

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I was recently removed from Uber’s platform as a partner driver due to a false report of me driving while impaired.  Riders sometimes make false reports just to get their money back or sometimes just because they don’t like the driver for whatever reason... in my case on day of question, I had been working and giving five star services for about six hours before I was notified of a hold on my account due a report. Uber told me they would investigate but my account was to remain on hold for 24 hours with out any access to the app including the monies I had earned for six hours of work prior to this report.  I totally understand the concern for safety and I get why Uber put a hold on my account but I was never given an opportunity or an avenue to defend my self, in fact after a couple of heated email exchanges with Uber my account then got rejected permanently. Even though Uber said they needed 24 hours to investigate, they ended up making a permanent decision within hours. I am no longer able to do what I had been doing full time for the last two years to provide for my family.  

Uber and Lyft are great companies with the best technology for providing vital public services in transportation.  We all depend on and use them to get us from A-B everyday.  We all benefit from what they provide, but ultimately it’s is the driver that actually provides the service to the rider and direct user.  These tech companies are here to provide us a platform so we’re able to get connected to a driver when we need a ride. Riders trust them to connect them with a good driver that knows what they’re doing and pay good money for such service. Drivers also depend on Uber/Lyft to connect them with paying riders and provide them with a platform to earn an income.  Uber/Lyft charge the driver a service fee for providing the platform to process the transaction between riders and drivers.  There is cost and benefit for everyone on the platform. 

What I would like to see changed is for drivers like my self to be given value for what we’ve invested into these platforms.  In my case I’ve invested a lot (vehicle, time, gas, daily effort) for the past two years this has been my full time job, I did it because it works for me, the flexibility is great.  I’ve been able to raise my two year old at home because of it.  I enjoyed doing it greatly.  That’s is why I went in full time and invested into purchasing a vehicle. I did it well because I enjoy it the most. my ratings can speak for me ... I did over 5300 trips with Uber alone and I had maintained a 4.9 out of 5 rating, sorry I cant please everyone. To be rejected and thrown to the side by the platform you’ve invested so much into and depend on for your livelihood is heart breaking and devastating. 

I’m not the only driver that has experienced this heart break and my case isn’t special ... this is happening to a lot of drivers across the platform.. these false accusation affect us drivers severely and Uber/Lyft should have given us value and provided us with an avenue to defend our selves and protect our investments but the countless drivers who’ve been rejected had no one to turn to.

What I’m proposing in this petition aims to provide an avenue for drivers to defend themselves.  Every time a rider reports a drivers for DUI, Uber/Lyft should require such driver to head directly to the nearest police station and have a sobriety check done.. sort of like when companies send employees to so drug tests when accidents occur.  Uber/Lyft have never wanted to be like an employer so they might not be to happy with this but I’ve talked to lot of drivers in my community and across the nation on social media and most agree and are willing to comply. Some are even willing to pay for the stations to perform the DUI Check and clear them for driving.  Professional drivers who do this full time shouldn’t  and don’t have any problem with what I’m proposing.. we need everyone’s help to get Uber/Lyft to get on board with this ... we need congress to implement laws that protect our investments.  I have a vehicle I’ve put 50k miles with in the last year that I can no longer use for the purpose I invested in it.  I still have to make payments on this vehicle ... what has happened to me and many drivers on the platform isn’t fair and isn’t progress.  Please consider my petition...share on social media and help me get something changed for the benefit of hard working drivers who are at risk of losing their investments... thank you kindly 

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