Aerial Marker Can Save Lives

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It should be made mandatory to place a Aerial Ball Marker above zip lines as a visual indicator for low flying planes and helicopters. This would protect both the lives of the patrons that use the zip lines as well as the pilots. In 2016, Camp Kern a privately owned outdoor activities center operated a zip line over the Miami River (Public Waterway) and did not have a aerial ball to mark the wires. A inexpensive aerial marker would have given enough of a indicator to help divert a accident that ultimately took the lives of two pilots. This could have been catastrophic and potentially taken the lives of hundreds that day IF the accident was during park hours. If a Aerial marker would have been placed, the outcome today could have been very different... instead the sad reality is that I lost my partner and best friend, two parents lost their sons, two brothers lost their siblings, and a little child lost his uncle.

Aerial Marker Balls help save lives and protect expensive infrastructure by making power lines and guy wires more visible to low-flying planes and helicopters. The YMCA is a admirable organization but safety and protection of their patrons should come first. By creating that visibility, it enhances the safety for all parties.