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Save Westminster Choir College

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On December 6, students and faculty (not the parents who pay the tuition) were notified by an email from Gregory G. Dell’Omo, President of Rider University that Rider is experiencing serious financial problems and as a result may have to move historic Westminister Choir College from the Princeton campus to Rider's campus in Lawrenceville, NJ.

As you may know, Rider University only took over Westminster Choir College in 1992. Rider competed with other notable schools including Princeton, Yale and Juilliard to purchase Westminster.

Westminster has a rich history and is one of the top conservatories in the world. Moving Westminster from its home in Princeton since 1932 because Rider University is having financial problems is unacceptable. Historic, highly regarded, Westminster Choir College should not be sacrificed, nor should Westminster lose its home of 84 years.

Rider University and Westminster Choir College have two completely different school cultures. Students and parents who have chosen to attend Westminster over the years and currently, selected Westminster because of its faculty, campus, small student body, student life and school culture. All of which does not apply to Rider University, its campus and school culture.

Parents have invested in sending their children to Westminster for its overall school culture, campus/location and residential conservatory environment.

Alumni and past donors have supported and invested in Westminster to have its home in Princeton, not at Rider in Lawrenceville.

Westminster students, parents and alumni are united in opposing this outrageous and unacceptable attempt to move to Lawrenceville thus destroying the rich history, legacy, uniqueness and school culture of Westminster Choir College.

We strongly recommend that President Dell'Omo and the Rider Board of Trustees find other ways to trim the fat, save money, increase enrollment at Rider to get out of their serious financial situation.

We support Westminster Choir College remaining at its home in Princeton and continuing the legacy of excellence.

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