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There is a pet store located in Saginaw, Michigan called Ocean Odyssey. The owner is not animal friendly and gives no reguards to what happens to any of the animals there. Most animals that are brought into the store are only there for a short period before their passing. The store last as I know it has a parvo outbreak which all the animals are exposed too. Including multiple other diseases swarming throughout there. The dogs are kept in small cages day in and day out. Their cages are always piled full of shit and if they do for sure even get taken outside it is not often. I had a dog on hold there with 200$ down and within a few days I was told he was dead and I would have to get another puppy. All the animals are very sickly there and need serious help and attention! They are suffering! If the state can do anything about this please buy this property for us! I myself and many eager other animal lovers will be glad to run the place and help to make back the money it was purchased for. I beg of anyone reading this to please help us help these poor babies! My 2nd Puppy after the one that passed came home from Ocean Odyssey with Parvo and worms. Worms so big they stretched the entire length of his small body. From being in that establishment he had issues in his lungs , in his heart, and in his stomach. And just barely lived to make it to 6 months old before weasing out and dying in my arms. I encourage you if you have a heart please help us to take this place over and make it a better environment. Let’s make Saginaw great again and let’s start by making this pet store into something wonderful not only for the animals but for our citizens too. 

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