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Michigan Auto Insurance is Set to Increase Again

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Michigan is the most expensive state to own a car. Michigan residents have been paying too much for car insurance for a long time and they need a relief. According to CBS, "The average annual cost for an auto insurance policy in the state is an astounding 136 percent above the national average". According to the average Michigan resident pays $2,789. While the average American pays $815.

The current legislation that we have is absurd and needs to be changed for the following reasons.

1. Michigan is the only state where auto insurance has unlimited lifetime personal injury protection. This is especially costly for younger individuals with insurance because they get in the most accidents and making insurance companies pay for Medical costs for ever for those people. That cost is passed down to the consumer.

2. In places like Wayne County, around half of the drivers don't have car insurance because the price is 45% more than the state average. These costs are passed down to consumers who have car insurance. Auto Insurance companies have to pay a fee to the state for every driver without auto Insurance. The fund is then used for those who are injured and don't have auto Insurance. 

3. Because auto insurance in Michigan is so high. Residents can't buy full coverage insurance and have to settle because of the law to buy PLPD (No-Fault Insurance). PLPD does not allow individuals to sue people who are at fault during a car accident. A person can only sue for $1,000 for a deductible that they may have on their insurance. 

4. We are looking at another rate increase on July 1, 2017.

In Conclusion, Michigan auto insurance legislation has to change. Changing this law will stimulate Michigan's economy. It will help people do things the right way and pay for car insurance. Michigan is the most expensive state to own a car in and this needs to be changed. 



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