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                                     THE DEATH OF INNOCENCE

Twenty-three years ago I was convicted of a crime I did not commit. My fight for freedom has been a long journey filled with the pain of hopelessness and despair held together by spiders web for faith.

The important thing is that I haven't stopped fighting. Today I'm far from giving up!!! In 2013, after 20 years, I won a small victory by changing a key portion of the Anti-Terrorism Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA). Which at the time prevent a person from having his/her issues heard in federal court if they had become time barred or had previously been before the court.

My case McQuiggin Vs Perkins now allows for any person coming forth with a credible actual innocence claim. To possibly be heard on their merits in court. However, my case and the Supreme Court ruling did more for others than it did for myself.

While my case was sent back to the lower court for further review. The lower court judge Robert Homes Bell stated that there would be no further hearings in my case. In his opinion even with all the newly presented/available evidence that was not present at the time of trial reasonable jurors could have still found me guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Even-Though this is the case without physical evidence (except for that belonging to the states sole allege eyewitness.) we may never know because reasonable jurors have yet to have an opportunity to view all the evidence in its entirety.

In light of all the lack of evidence against me. I believe that it is precisely reasonable jurors who should make such a determination. Being that it was reasonable jurors who came to a conclusion without the benefit of all the newly available/presented evidence.

I sit before you now in a cell as a man whos soul has all but diminished. I Beg you the public and world for your help. I'm any bodies son, anyone's brother, someone's father, anybody's friend and possibly someone's husband. More than anything, I am an innocent man asking for help!!!

                                           HOW CAN YOU HELP

No one person can do everything, but everyone can do something!!!

***Learn more about the case!!! Read McQuiggin Vs Perkins case number 12–126 US Supreme Court

***Start a letter writing or email campaign. Ask the media reporters why there's no follow-up to a story they felt worthy of reporting.

***Submit letters/emails to the Michigan Department of Corrections on my behalf to request a public hearing.

In writing at:
Michigan Department of Corrections
206 E. Michigan Ave.
Grandview Plaza
PO Box 30003
Lansing, MI 48909

***Submit letters/emails to the governor's office in support of commutation at:

Michigan Governors Office
PO Box 30013
Lansing, MI 48909 USA

***Volunteer time to help conduct online searches for witnesses or other evidence.

***Offer suggestions that you believe could help shed more light on my situation or aid me further.

***Tell a friend about my plight and link my story to someone else.

***Make a donation directly to my pro bono attorneys in my name at:

Smietanka, Buckleitner, Steffes & Gezen
4250 Chicago Dr. SW. Suite B
Grandville, MI 49418 USA.

(All funds not used correctly for the advancement of any legal action directly related to helping prove my innocence, shall be forwarded to a charity of choice online to aid the city of Flint Michigans ongoing water crisis.)

***Become a good wisher or supporter by writing/emailing me directly:

Floyd Perkins #223916
4269 West M80
Kincheloe, MI 49784 USA

or by emailing through (just log on and open an email account and send email).

I thank you for all your time and effort on my behalf. The deprivation of freedom is far more profound than one can imagine and coming to prison is like dying with your eyes open!!!

                                         HOW I SPEND MY TIME

Since being incarcerated, I've created two practical inventions one is a electrical safety socket cover, and the other is a children's baby aid. Both have been committed to schematic design only thus far. I've obtained the assistance of a small UP Michigan plastics company to make the first photo type of my electrical safety socket cover. I'm still seeking help to further both ideas primarily to help with obtaining a provisional patent and begin crowdfunding.

I've also been writing an encyclopedia for the for the last five years, which is a labor of love in itself.

My aim is to consistently spend my time wisely and constructively so that upon my release. I will be more useful to my family, my community and myself as a whole. I love learning new things; I am determined to obtain my freedom and be successful!!!

Dedication, determination, and discipline will take you a long way in life!!!

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