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Clemency for Karen Boes/ wrongfully convicted based on a false confession and junk science

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On March 31, 2003, Karen Boes was sentenced to life in prison for killing her daughter in an arson crime she didn't commit. Despite various innocence advocacy groups’ efforts to exonerate Karen, the defense community’s steadfast belief in her innocence, and the later discrediting of the prosecution’s fire expert, her various appeals attorneys have not been successful in overturning the decision. Karen has been incarcerated for over 14 years.

Flawed arson investigation testimony has resulted in numerous convictions of individuals under exceptionally questionable circumstances. Testimony about the source or origination of fires via burn patterns tops the list of these errors. The notion that burn pattern examination would reveal the existence of arson, or even the progression of a fire, has been largely discredited. The fire expert who testified in Karen's case is dangerous. His erroneous "expert" opinions for the prosecution have landed other defendants in cases around the country many years in prison before their convictions were overturned. 

Karen also made confused statements to police after going through an intense psychological interrogation that amounted to brainwashing. These interrogations landed her in a mental institution and tangled her memory.

After exhausting all appeals, Karen's only hope for relief is clemency or a pardon from the governor. Help Karen now by signing the petition below.

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