We petition Gov. Scott to declare a state of emergency.

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The destructive algae bloom threatning the south west Florida coast is unprecedented to say the least. A state of emergency must be declared and 3rd parties brought in to deliver an unbiased report and review of the situation. What steps we need to take to end it, as well as prevent it in the future. The coast along southwest Florida is home to many different species of marine life all of which are threatened at this point. The bloom is possibly excaserbated by the flow of the okeechobee, sugar farmers, or even homeowners with leaking septics or those who use fertilizers. We dont know, as a resident of Southwest Florida I demand answers. Our Gov. needs to do his job and declare an emergency and find out what exactly is going on. Millions of marine life depend on this. Millions of businesses depend on this. Homeowners depend on this. Our future as a state depends on this. Get this to Rick Scotts desk, He wants to be a senator dont let him leave without acknowledging this destructive behavior that adds to this bloom. Its time for him to do his job, lets hold his feet to the fire.


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